Aaron Charles-Rhymes
UX designer

Cinema Moods

Rate Your Movies With Feelings


The cinema industry wants to collect quick feedback from moviegoers after watching a movie. Weather if it is comedy, action, adventure, romance, and etc, but how can the cinema industry collect “REAL” feedback from moviegoers before leaving the movie theater.


Design a in-theater kiosk to help moviegoers rate movies with smiley rating system emojis with movie promotions.

Cinema Moods

Technology: iPad

The in-theater kiosks will be made using the iPad. iPads are very well known, easy to use, portable, and quick to update for employees.

Target Market

Cinema Moods target market will be for moviegoers who loves the experience and reaction of seeing a movie.

  • Age Range: 15 to 60+
  • Loves going to the movies
  • Have a lot of emotions
  • Love discounted or free promotions

User Stories 

In order to build realistic user stories, I surveyed 10 people, aged between 15 to 60+, who go to the cinema at least once every two months. The questions focused about the last time they went to the cinema. Main takeaways:

  • Five said: after every movie wanted to express their emotions fast without leaving the movie theater
  • Three said: they don’t like to write movie reviews because: “We don’t have the time”
  • One said: that I don’t own a smartdevice
  • All of them said: If we do post a movie review what's in it for us 

Cinema Moods
Final Mockups
Cinema Moods